Leaner. Faster.
Smarter. Better.

Full-service construction professionals with a wide range of design-build project delivery experience: from market and social housing, to mixed-use developments and more.

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Focused on efficiency. Built on values.

We are down-to-earth and true builders that complete projects with a great sense of urgency, transparency, and efficiency. Our commitment to Lean construction management practices allow us to maximize our performance throughout the planning, design, and construction phases of a project’s lifecycle, delivering improved value, quality, and service to our housing development project owners.

Construction is about people.

Good teams in any industry are formed through open communication, mutual respect, and unwavering trust. Particularly in construction, when individuals commit to each other as a team, injuries and deficiencies are reduced, and productivity and quality are improved.

Performance Builders have always displayed a high level of construction quality expertise, working efficiently with multiple consultants to bring a challenging project to conclusion, delivering client-oriented service every step of the way.

–Kevin Urbas, Project Manager at GBL Architects

Building community housing, together.