PreConstruction & BIM

Incorporating value engineering opportunities

At the value engineering stage of the preconstruction process, we review the form and function of the design with the strategy and objectives of the project, to create housing developments that meet the building owner’s vision and the future residents’ needs, while improving operational efficiency throughout the construction stage.

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Using technology for informed decision-making

During the architectural design process of the preconstruction phase, we incorporate building information modeling with BIM 360 software to help predict project outcomes and proactively forecast costs and schedules. Using Clash Detection software, we’re able to identify potential risks that may occur in intersecting, interfering, or conflicting building elements, and resolve them before the project enters the construction stage. We also use Acumatica construction accounting software to increase visibility in labour and material costs against overall profitability.

We found Performance Builders conducted themselves professionally and with integrity, always being conscientious to the project schedule while keeping the architect, engineer, and all trades informed throughout the project. They were experienced at identifying and recommending cost-saving alternatives without compromising quality, and remained committed to the vision and goals of the project in every situation.

–Deborah Goegan, Administrator at Rosewood Manor

Evaluating sustainable design initiatives

In order to maintain the lasting impact of the housing and mixed-use building developments for our project owners and their future homeowners and tenants, we incorporate sustainable, LEEDTM Certified construction solutions to maximize long-term value and cost savings. From successful past projects, our innovative and sustainable solutions include geothermal heating, solar tubes and panels, high-performance glazing systems, green roofs, and wastewater management systems.