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Increased opportunity for innovation

It’s no surprise that when we’re involved in all stages of the construction process that we’re able to realize streamlined workflow efficiencies throughout the project. Our design and construction teams understand each other’s capabilities and have familiarity collaborating with each other.

This allows us to anticipate construction challenges that need to be addressed early in the planning and design stages, and capitalize on innovative opportunities that improve the construction process and increase value in the finished project. With aligned interests, faster decision-making, and fewer change orders at every stage of the project, we’re able to maximize profitability for our building partners.

We were thoroughly impressed with Performance Builders throughout the entirety of our project. In the design phase, they collaborated with our team to provide guidance, while identifying opportunities for managing costs. During the construction phase, they anticipated challenges and resolved them quickly without any schedule delays.

–Heather Tremain, Partner at reSource rethinking

An investment in experience

While the potential for streamlined efficiencies, improved productivity, and reduced costs are the greatest benefits of the design-build construction delivery method, these profitable advantages are only achievable if you select a unified team with years of experience.

At Performance Builders, we have experience planning, managing, and executing all details within the design and construction phases of a project, for a diverse range of market housing, social housing, and mixed-use building developments. We have mitigated risks and overcome many technical construction challenges, and thrive when presented with the opportunities to innovate new processes and methods.

Why Choose our Design-Build Company?

Performance Builders is a full-service design-build assist, construction management company. From design and engineering to construction, we follow an integrated approach focused towards fast-tracking your project. With us, you can eliminate multiple contracts as we oversee the whole construction processes until occupancy. 

Accelerate Your Project

Performance Builders has been involved in design build assist and management for a long time. Our process has evolved over the years to maximize efficiencies, and reduce delays and unexpected challenges, which ensures timely project delivery.

You can rely on our talented and diligent team to help fast track the project by taking care of everything from the preliminary stages until completion.Streamlined Process

Get a streamlined construction process from start to finish.

Our design build project framework streamlines the entire project by aligning design and construction with initial feasibility studies, procurement timelines, and budgets.

We eliminate your need to coordinate between the designer and the builder, as our team manages it all to ensure successful completion.

Customized Approach

At Performance Builders, we believe in fostering strong client relationships. Therefore, we follow a customized approach to deliver value and excellence.

We assign our dedicated consultants to understand all your project requirements and goals in detail.

To meet your unique requirements, our team works collaboratively right from the preliminary stage of design inception.

Reduced Management Cost

Our Design build management process allows you to eliminate the costs of managing and coordinating with multiple contractors.

Plus, we draw upon our years of experience and expertise to create designs tailored to your unique needs and budget.

Our expert consultants will advise you on the best and most sustainable construction methods and materials to ensure the best finished project at the best price.